Our 8 Tier Approach


  • Spiritual.

    Mission Firefly partners an in country pastor or church with each community to ensure that the citizens are visited and ministered to weekly. Each trip to includes Bibles lessons for the children. They learn about Jesus and how He touches lives everyday! They also learn about people like Daniel, Jonah, and Joseph and how God used them to share His love. This is the most important step so we seek to see this reiterated in every other type of aide.

  • Medical.

    Annually, Mission Firefly seeks to conduct a medical mission in each community in which the doctor provides an exam, checks height, weight, and blood pressure. We also give everyone in the village soap and shampoo and teach them how to use them, as well as pass out medicines for ailments and multi-vitamins.

  • Education.

    Part of the community adoption includes support for local schools. This looks different in every community. Some teachers are brought in to teach while other communities have funds provided for kids to go to secondary schools outside of the community. In all cases this support helps to provide supplies for students and teachers to enhance the learning experience.

  • Food.

    Each community has a feeding program for the children by which food is cooked every day to ensure their minds are and bodies are ready to learn.

  • Clothing.

    Clothing is also addressed on an as needed basis. In cooperation with the sponsoring church and teacher in the local schools in Guatemala, Mission Firefly assists each sponsorship program in setting up a process by which funds are allocated and appropriated towards clothing and shoes.

  • Shelter.

    Through community sponsorship Mission Firefly’s also helps the community and Sponsoring church assess the shelter in the community and create a plan to improve these arrangements.

  • Water.

    Mission Firefly has many volunteers trained in clean water assessment and installation. Each community will receive water tests and if necessary, will receive a water purification system that can help alleviate sickness. There have been 14 water systems installed in Guatemala to date along with 4 more in other countries around the world.

  • Economic development.

    Mission Firefly’s long term goal is to create self sufficiency. For the people of these communities, this means learning new trades and skills like chicken farming, raising animals, and other things that help them create steady salaries.