Child Privacy and Protection

Mission Firefly is committed to protecting the children and families of the villages and communities who participate in our sponsorship program. This occurs in several ways.

One way Mission Firefly protects sponsored children is by providing guidelines of specific instructions when contacting the child being sponsored.

Our goal is to ensure that no child suffers from any form of abuse as a result of our sponsorship program.

  • One way we do this, is to release a limited amount of information about the children on the website. We purposefully withhold information for the safety of the children until the sponsor information has been reviewed and approved. Our sponsorship program depends greatly on the donor agreeing to comply with Mission Firefly guidelines. It is important to us that you, as the sponsor, agree NOT to contact the sponsored child or any member of their family in any way other than instructed by Mission Firefly. Specifically, telephone calls, emails, visits (other than those planned through Mission Firefly) are forbidden. Mission Firefly kindly requests that all mailed correspondence follow stated guidelines of Mission Firefly.
  • A second way Mission Firefly protects sponsored children is to provide them with privacy. It is important to us that the children and their families participating in the sponsorship program feel secure in the fact that Mission Firefly is doing all we can to protect the integrity of information shared with others. Privacy also includes that sponsors adhere to the appropriate guidelines when corresponding to the child(ren) they are sponsoring, as well as their families.
  • Thirdly, Mission Firefly respects the self worth of the children, families, and communities participating in our sponsorship program. Our goal is to share the love of Christ with these children and those around them as we enable them to expand their living arrangements so that they have opportunities to a brighter future.

Mission Firefly promises to share accurate information relating to the children, families, and communities with respect. We seek complete and accurate information of families and community leaders of the children participating in our child sponsorship program.