School Supplies

Every school around the world has its needs. Some need more than others. In our sponsorship programs we seek to come along side parents and community leaders to ensure each student has the best opportunity to learn and succeed. Many school don’t receive all that they need from the local government or parents cannot afford to buy all that their kids need. We seek to fill in the gaps so that no child is at a disadvantage.


Having sufficient staff is crucial for all schools. In some cases, our partnership with a school allows us to provide additional teachers. We often conduct teacher training workshops on our mission trips allowing teachers from the US to volunteer their time to help empower and equip others like them. We also are able to install teachers who love the Lord and are able to speak gospel truth into the lives of their students.


Each one of the sponsorship programs partners with the local schools to provide scholarships for students that are in school. These scholarships are a partnership between parents, teachers, students, and sponsors to support students and help them achieve what they previously may not have had the ability to do. From Preschool to College we want each of our students to love Jesus and use their achievements and knowledge to glorify HIM!