What is child sponsorship and how does it work?

Child sponsorship is the opportunity for you to change the life of a child for only $35 each month. Mission Firefly believes that by changing the village in which the child lives, we give the child a brighter future.website pic

We encourage you to send the child you sponsor a note to introduce yourself, then continue communication through additional letters.

How does a sponsored child benefit from $35 a month?

Your $35 monthly sponsorship gifts provide the basic necessities including access to clean water, better nutrition, basic health care, educational opportunities, spiritual nurture, and economic development opportunities for his or her family, the community, and other children in need. Most importantly this $35 help Mission Firefly to share the love of CHRIST with each and every person in the village.

How does Mission Firefly work with the community to plan and implement child sponsorship?

Mission firefly visits a village and conducts an evaluation for needs. Once needs are listed, long term and short term plans are put into place. A team will visit each village yearly to confirm that short term goals are being met. When short term goals are met, long term goals fall into place. Mission Firefly will also conduct a census.

How does child sponsorship improve the lives of children?

Funds received from our sponsorship programs benefit the children in many ways.website pic 2         Educationally, funds are used to purchase books, pay teachers, uniforms for school and when  needed, to purchase bicycles for students to travel to a nearby village for school. Medical needs    are often met using funds from sponsorship. Medicines are purchased as needed using funds  from sponsorship. Funds are also used to purchase meals for families in the village.


 Is there a maximum or minimum time frame in which Mission Firefly will  commit to work in a community?

The goal of Mission Firefly is to take a forgotten group of people and prove to them that they are  loved by God. In doing this, we purpose to teach hygiene, educate students through schooling, and teach the villagers a trade so they can become self sufficient. We commit to work in a village until these goals are met.unnamed

How does Mission Firefly witness about Jesus Christ, and how does my sponsored

child learn about Jesus?

Mission Firefly partners with a local, in country pastors and churches who visits the village weekly and shares the gospel. Mission Firefly also takes a team of short term missionaries three to four times yearly to visit the village. During these trips, Bible lessons are shared daily in each village.