Where We Serve

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Mission Firefly is well established in Guatemala. We are registered with the Guatemalan Government as Asociacion Mision Firefly which gives us a legal standing in the country and allows us to take advantage of discounts and services afforded to associations that are non-profit. We have 3 full time employees that are dedicated to serving the people in the communities that our partners have adopted. We also have 3 teachers that have been given salaries and inserted into existing schools through the community adoption program that our partnering churches are funding.


Haiti is Mission Firefly’s newest project. We have made two preliminary trips to establish connections and create a game plan for entering the country to carry out our 8 tier approach to creating economic and spiritual sustainability in impoverished and unreached communities. We have made a preliminary connection with Christian Light School in the capital city of Port Au Prince and we are eager to see what God will do with us in Haiti. Check back here, on our Blog, or our Facebook page for future info regarding our efforts in Haiti.