Mission Firefly is very excited about the opportunity to have connections with missionaries in the Middle East!

For the next year, our missionary partners will be learning languages, building relationships, and seeking God’s plan for serving rural and urban communities in the middle east. Their ultimate goal is to give you as partners and donors of Mission Firefly, the ability to effect gospel change in a region of the world that has been encumbered by war for centuries. The Middle East Consists of only around 5% christians and As many know, the middle east is a very volatile region  in some cases very resistant to Christianity.

Please be in prayer for our partners, that they would be able to build relationships centered on the gospel and be able to meet Muslims who grow to share the Jesus with others.

Here is a message from one of our partners:
“We will not allow fear to control what we do when we have the power and life of God in us and with us. Confront Christian persecution with us with the unconditional love that God shows us every day. Let’s change the world together one life at a time. Let’s give hurting people the love of Christ that Jesus wants for them. Let’s help them build a real relationship with God that God so desperately wants with His people.”

Thank you for the support! Please Donate below and feel free to reach out with any questions on how you can support the mission in the Middle East !