As the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Meridianville, I have both participated in Mission Firefly mission trips and have also watched as more than one hundred of our church members both young and old have gone on mission trips with this organization.  The wonderful result of our involvement with Mission Firefly has been that we are far more missions minded both at home and abroad due to the involvement of our members with this organization.  In short, Mission Firefly has helped our church become more of the Great Commission church that we want to be and for that, I am sincerely grateful.

Tommy J. Bolan, Th.D,

Senior Pastor, The First Baptist Church of Meridianville


“As a pastor, when ministry/mission opportunities come across my desk, I’m always wondering how am I going to find the time and tools to add another good thing to our churches plate.  Mission Firefly has done all the hard work of laying the groundwork for long-term mission work for churches.  All a pastor has to do is say yes to God and  watch is people become missionaries.   Mission Firefly will walk you through every detail of the process.  God has used Mission Firefly to help focus our church on Kingdom Building.”

Bro. David Hutto

Associate Pastor, The First Baptist Church Meridianville


Through the work of Mission Firefly and Locust Grove, I have witnessed God transform the lives of both Mayans and the people who decide to go on these trips.  Our Guatemalan mission trips have been the greatest contributor to transforming our members into active disciples of Christ who boldly seek to share his love through kingdom work.  “True church” now takes place beyond the walls of the Locust Grove building.”

Kim Broyles,

Leader of Missions Locust Grove Baptist Church


We have a growing list of students, currently 78, who receive Lunches of Love food bags each Friday at our school.  The students take them home for the weekend and are blessed to receive them.  Many students report a lack of food in their homes.  We have a lot of children who receive free or reduced breakfast or lunch, however, the weekends are often a concern.  Many of these parents have jobs that require them to work on weekends and evenings and the food bags consist of food items that are easy for the children to prepare.  I have noticed food hoarding behaviors from some of these children during breakfast and they report they are taking it to younger siblings, not yet in school.  These children benefit from Lunches of Love because they are assured they will have something to eat on Saturday and Sunday, and can share with siblings. They get very excited when their food bag arrives on Friday.  They talk about it during the week and sometimes check with me to make sure it will still be available.  Lunches of Love truly blesses our students in need.

Trish Layne

Counselor, Hazel Green Elementary School


The children who receive Lunches of Love are very excited to receive their food.  They are anxious to receive their bags and are appreciative that someone remembers them.  I am especially thankful for programs like this because children who feel someone cares for them are much more likely to continue in school and feel better about themselves.

Michelle L. White

Counselor, Moores Mill Intermediate School