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lazyRecently we have been afforded an amazing fundraising opportunity through Rotary International. The Lynchburg Morning Rotary Club has chosen and approved us for an International Grant through Rotary International. This grant will serve as funding for our efforts in Guatemala specifically.

The potential for this grant is $1.3 MILLION !!!! This is achieved through Rotary’s fund matching program. Mission Firefly will write the guidelines for the use of this money and 100% will go to Guatemala to clean water projects and support in Guatemala.Here is how you can help!! The fact is, for every $1 donated, Mission Firefly will receive up to $4 in return. So, if you were ever thinking about donating $5 or $500, NOW IS THE TIME!!
Your donation could not only be multiplied by 4, but it will also allow Mission Firefly to appropriate funds that are currently used in Guatemala, for more local efforts and By credit/debit card at missionfirefly.org/donate projects.
Here is how you can donate: