Clean Water

Around the world Mission Firefly uses clean water to help promote hygiene and to gain people's trust in hope that we will be able to bring them LIVING WATER through Jesus Christ.
38 Systems INstalled 40,000 people served

Hygiene and Health


Small Business

Be a Part of Making a Change

Clean water has been a tool that God has used in mighty ways since Mission Firefly began in 2010. In talking to rural community leaders around the world clean water is one of the most important resources they need every day. We have heard many stories of people walking miles each days for access to any source of water, clean or dirty. One of the Doctors that has traveled with us said that providing clean water is the best thing you can do to for anyone because it effects their Health and Hygiene in an incredible way. In looking to serve communities in an overarching way, clean water is often the first thing we provide.

Another way we are able to use clean water through developing small business opportunities. Often a family or school uses our water system to sell water and uses the profits to create jobs as well as maintain and improve the system and its hardware.


Gospel Intentionality

After each water system we install, we have a pastor follow up with community leaders and villagers. Our hope is that we can use the opportunity to bring gospel change in each community. We have see entire families turn to Jesus and continue to be encouraged by the opportunities God brings to us through clean water. Click here to learn how we follow up and seek to bring about spiritual development.