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Mission Firefly exists to shine light into the darkness and to share the love of Christ with “the least of these”. Our mission is to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the poor and needy of our world. Period.


Our hope is that you will not only hear the needs of others through the stories found here, but that you will be moved to join us. We serve a great and powerful God who enables us to to change the reality of some, so that hope comes to many.

Look around, and be encouraged. Together we can change lives!  To get involved, or for more info please contact us.

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A letter from our director

A number of years ago my wife, Christy and I, decided to adopt our son, Will. That decision has changed our lives in more ways than we would ever imagine. Over the years we have developed a passion for orphans. Two years ago we adopted our daughter, Isabella from Guatemala. Seeing a third world country and the conditions that children live in was an eye opening experience. Adopting Isabella cemented in our minds a desire and a commitment to make a difference.

Mission Firefly is non-profit Corporation organized in Madison County, Alabama. Firefly was formed by a group of friends who decided it was time for us to get off the pew, outside the walls, and put our faith in action. Our mission is to partner with or adopt underprivileged villages around the globe to clothe, shelter, feed, educate, and share the love of Christ. Our goal is to help shine the light of Christ on a world in need. We want to work our projects through local churches by providing “ready made” mission partnerships. We work to help the local church develop lifetime relationships with specific villages through short- term missions.

I would love for you to join us on any of our short-term trips to one of the villages or allow us to introduce your church to a village in need.

It is one thing to hear about poverty. It is another thing to see it first hand, put your arms around it, realize it is real and…it is child.